Grosset Family ~ Pine Valley, California

Pine Valley will always have my heart.  It’s tucked away in the mountains of San Diego, and not many people even know it exist.  It is quiet, friendly, and the mountains that surround you keep you safe and snug.  It is where I brought home my babies, I owned my first home, and the love of my life was born and raised in the once over populated tree scape.  We have moved on to another chapter of our lives, living in another part of San Diego, but my soul misses the cold crisp mornings, the blanket of snow that would cover the ground in the winter, the smell of sage when it rains, and the over abundance of pine cones. 

The Grosset family live close by and of course I wanted to shoot their session there.  I mean where else in San Diego can you get the mountain feel?   Shooting at the beach is great but the mountain sessions are always my favorite.  I have been so fortunate to build friendships as I work with my clients.  I spend time before each session with them to make sure I capture exactly what they are seeking.  The Grosset family has a whole lot of love.   Most of what you see is organically posed with minimal direction.  The Grossets are kind, sweet, and endearing. I am sure those of you who know them would agree with me. 



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