Katy + Ernie | Photography East County

The mountains were calling me once again.  In the way of Katy and Ernie asking for their engagement session to be shot in a place known as “4,000 feet above care”.  So when Katy, a talented actress and graceful dancer, asked me to capture her and the love of her life, how could I say no.  It was an automatic win for my vision with a great location, lovely light, and two people crazy about each other.  After fifteen minutes of warm up they followed direction with ease.  I used the mountain light to bring more drama taking the images one step further.  And what I loved most about Katy and Ernie is they were able to put down their guard and pretended I wasn’t there.  That is always my goal at every single session. To make clients feel comfortable enough to show me emotions that are typically hidden which makes a stellar photograph.

 Wishing you all the best Katy and Ernie. 


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