As a photographer it is vital to make a certain connection with my clients.  If this connection isn’t made I can’t really dig in and capture what I need to produce custom imagery that reflects my style.   Sometimes it’s easy…sometimes it takes a little more dialog to help make my clients comfortable.  But when I am pretty much handed the level of trust that the Cortez Family gave me, my job becomes a dream. So many great shots of a fun and charismatic group.  Love you Cortez Family! 

For the second year in a row I had the privilege of capturing the experience of the San Diego Fire Rescue 5K and Kids Run.  Want to know what they are all about? Read HERE.   This is an event the whole entire family will love.  Firefighters, pancakes, fire trucks, beer garden, firefighters, vendors, 5K, kids run, obstacle course, did I say firefighters?  There is really something for everyone!   

San Diego Fire Rescue mission statement: “Our mission is to provide enhanced equipment, training, technology, and community education resources so the world-class first responders of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department are better equipped to protect the citizens, property, and environment of San Diego and the surrounding region.”    

When you register not only are you getting a morning full of fun and memories,  you are also helping our men and women who run into emergencies while we are are trying to get out.  Thank you to SDFR for going beyond everyone’s expectations and giving us all a positive experience at the event.  I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for next year’s 5k and kids’ run! 



Coronado Bridge. Just so calm and therapudic before everyone arrives. 


The best race metals I have ever seen! 


This one really touches me.  There was so much effort in making sure our glorious flag didn’t touch the ground. 





This year they added a firefighter obstacle course for the youngsters.  Next year they will adding an adult course….I’m in! 




The course was lined with our men and women in yellow to guide runners and to keep them safe.  




Running a 5K in heavy turnouts…only for the strong hearted. 



And with every registration you not only get a t-shirt, swag bag, and metal, you also get a FREE pancake breakfast. 










If your little one loves firetrucks this is the event for them! They are even allowed to sit in the drivers seat! 


So many animal lovers there.  Maybe a dog course next year? 



Until next year! 



Love, love, love.   Love is a joyous emotion to photograph.  And these two had so much love between them I could have photographed them ALL-DAY-LONG.  Casie and Brandon are getting married and I could’t be happier for the both of them.   They have been through so much and to see them prevail makes all who them love and care about them shout from the mountain tops with excitement.   Their love is so emotional I had tears in my eyes after our shoot..NO LIE!   In an age where there is so much “hate” my soul was refreshed upon delivering their gallery.   Kind of like jumping in a pool on a hot day..ahhh…so awesome.   

Wishing Casie and Brandon all the happiness in the world.  Cheers to the beautiful seasons of your lives that await you both. 


xxoo, Karen







Pine Valley will always have my heart.  It’s tucked away in the mountains of San Diego, and not many people even know it exist.  It is quiet, friendly, and the mountains that surround you keep you safe and snug.  It is where I brought home my babies, I owned my first home, and the love of my life was born and raised in the once over populated tree scape.  We have moved on to another chapter of our lives, living in another part of San Diego, but my soul misses the cold crisp mornings, the blanket of snow that would cover the ground in the winter, the smell of sage when it rains, and the over abundance of pine cones. 

The Grosset family live close by and of course I wanted to shoot their session there.  I mean where else in San Diego can you get the mountain feel?   Shooting at the beach is great but the mountain sessions are always my favorite.  I have been so fortunate to build friendships as I work with my clients.  I spend time before each session with them to make sure I capture exactly what they are seeking.  The Grosset family has a whole lot of love.   Most of what you see is organically posed with minimal direction.  The Grossets are kind, sweet, and endearing. I am sure those of you who know them would agree with me. 


Laguna Mountain.  The air is fresh, trees are green, and the quietness gets me to stop for a minute and breath. It’s such a special place to me and so many that live close by.  I have a lot of memories with my family and friends exploring its beauty.  A gem within San Diego County.  When someone wants to hold their session there I jump at the chance to visit such a serine and calming place.  

Oh the Goodwin family. How beautiful are they!?  Sondra’s dress is so sheik, her skin is flawless, and her hair is gorgeous!  She really took the time and thought about what her goal was for their family images.  She did a great job coordinating outfits and getting her family ready to go for our time together.    As much as I love shooting in the mountains, I enjoy the families I photograph just as much.  I enjoy people and I look forward to meeting new clients and getting a moment to look into their lives.  I love capturing their love for one another and the laughter they all share together.  

After each and every session my goal is to always walk away smiling in knowing I captured exactly what my client is looking for, and that I stayed true to my style and service.   And after our time together I knew I captured some heartfelt and real moments between this family.  Enjoy!