Adkins | East San Diego County Family Photographer

As a photographer, I get all excited when I see a client who is prepped and ready for their session. Alexa and her son Alejandro arrived with a couple of different outfits, hair in place and makeup perfectly applied. It makes it so much easier to capture clients who radiate confidence and Alexa was nothing but all smiles for me and worked the camera like a fashion model. Alejandro is the typical young boy who loves football and enjoys riding his dirt bike. He asked if he could be photographed wearing his riding outfit and of course I said “Lets go for it”. It is who he is and I needed to capture that.

Alexa is a single mother who possesses this unique bond with her son that is so touching and emotional to see. Raising a child in this world is hard enough but to do it as a one woman show is a situation I just can’t imagine being in. Good for Alexa to charge through life raising her son and I am so happy to provide her with some imagery that she can look back on and cherish for years to come.

Here is just one to share for now. More to come at a later date.

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