Arredondo Family | Mountain Field Photography

Ahhhhh….mountain life.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There is something different about the people here at 4,000 feet elevation.  We are a different breed.  We fill some of our day with horseback riding, gathering eggs, attending our gardens, and hiking the endless trails that lead to some pretty spectacular views.   The air is clean and the people are warm, polite, and welcoming.  

No one fits better into mountain life than the Arredondo family. They take full advantage of the majestic beauty of this land.  And when I see this spontaneous family, I sometimes think back to my days as a kid without a care in the world.    I did what most kids did back in the seventies, I would play outside from sun up to sun set, or at least until the church bells rang five times.  As parents we know life is different being an adult. We are faced with disappointing of our children because they don’t get the electronics or the latest popular toy their friends from school get.  I know it is a battle most of us parents fight.  When it comes to my children I constantly “shoo” them outside to experience what I did as a kid.  I want them to be fascinated.   I have taught them to lay in the grass and look up at the sky and take it all in.  Walk around barefoot and get dirty.  I just don’t want them to walk through the meadow, I want them to listen to the meadow.  The Arrendondos take it up a notch. They are constantly doing things that are fearless, bold, creative, adventurous through outside exploration.   Kellie even took her four children, BY HERSELF, on a two week road trip seeing the beautiful U-S-of-A.  Now that is impressive! When I see Kellie’s Facebook posts of their outings, I think to myself, “Wow..those kids are going to remember that their mom and dad took the time for THEM”.  Kellie and Mario not only give them these experiences but they are living them with their kiddos.   They are an inspiration to me in aiming higher in exposing my own children to the natural wonders of this land. 

Kellie has been a fan of mine since I first started shooting professionally. I am happy we were finally able to do a session together.   The setting resembles their spirit, sensitivity, their love for the outdoors, and their love for each other.


The Arredondo Clan. Evan, Kellie, Mario, Leah, Izak, & Aren


Sweet Leah


Nothing makes my heart pitter patter more than seeing a couple who are so into each other.



Working it, Kellie!


Brotherly love.




Two of my favorites.


Some adventurous kids.




Mario had no problem being in front of the camera. Quite refreshing.







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