Ayana | Thrifting Diva

Meet Ayana, aka the Thrifting Diva.  After reading some of her posts on her blog I realized two things;  One, fashion certainly doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can take pieces from various vintage stores, thrift shops, and consignment establishments and put together a masterpiece that is so unique, at a fraction of the cost, you will not be able to find the completed look on any mannequin anywhere. Two, it really doesn’t take much to get yourself together and stand out in a sea of department store looks.  You just have to get out of your comfort zone and start shopping at places you never thought to look.  If you still are like..”whatever Karen”, then read her blog HERE.  You will find out how incredible Ayana is just by reading her bio.  You may also come away with the desire to start Googling resale stores and start putting yourself together to make a statement.  I know I did. 

The more and more I get the opportunity to meet women who have a passion for fashion, photography, crafting, reading, writing, or whatever it maybe,  I am in awe of the strength, wisdom, and desire that each one of us has inside of us to keep on truckin’ through this crazy thing called life.  I respect and admire all women.  Women who are stay at home moms, moms who work outside the home, women who feel their best in yoga pants, and women who want to look their very best.  I think we all are unique, important, strong, and beautiful.  

Clothes and assesories from Miss Match, Inc. 


My favorite look!     


Now get out there and starting thrifting! 

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