Briena | El Capitan High School Senior

Congratulation to Briena! She just graduated (with HONORS!!) from El Capitan High School! I remember when I graduated back in 1993, the feeling was surreal in knowing that my mandatory school life was over and I needed to put on my big-girl pants. I had plans to go onto college but all of the sudden I had to grow up and make some really hard discions about my future. I was free to do whatever I wanted (career wise) and seeing Briena and knowing how bright her future is, brought back those nervous and exciting feelings all over again.

Not only does Briena have the looks, she has the personality to go with it. She is kind, tender, and she has the brains to have it all. Her look is artistic and fresh. Anyone who shows up in a floppy hat is fashion forward, yet classic in my opinion. She warmed up to the camera instantly and I was able to photograph her with ease. Her session was fun for the both of us.

Briena, Wishing you the best things in your future to come. With the little time we spent together I know that your tomorrow is bright and will be everything you want it to be. Good luck! Hugs!

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