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As I blog more I am finding that I am wanting to share more than just my photography work. From time to time I want to share who I am and how I view the world. Knowing this is how you, my readers, will get to know me a little better. I am sure my views aren’t any different than anyone else, but what I love is that my blog in not only what I see through my lens but also and extension of who I am.

After a family tragedy at the end of October, our family was deflated and I headed into my busiest season yet with holiday sessions. My husband and I were completely and utterly exhausted from it all. I just wanted to rent a hotel room and stay there with the shades drawn and sleep all day long ALL BY MYSELF.  As things slowed down I realized that what we needed was some really good family time without electronics, phones, or anything else that brought noise into our lives. We needed some good old fashion memory making to jump start our lives again. We needed our days to be filled with things like bike rides around the bay, board games, campfires, and Christmas lights. To me, Christmas lights are like rainbows, puppy dogs, and a bowls of ice cream. They are fun, colorful, and pretty much put me in a good mood. And if it didn’t look crazy, I would keep our Christmas tree and outdoor Christmas lights up all year long.

San Diego is a pretty awesome place to live. People flock to our city to enjoy the great outdoors all times of the year. Even us locals want to visit our own city when time off school and work allows, so we decided to pack up our new fifth wheel trailer and head to Campland on the Bay. If you haven’t been to Campland on the Bay for a stay, I highly suggest you trying it out for a night or two. The campground is all inclusive and you really never need to leave. Your stay includes a large amount of organized activities to keep you and your family busy. There is a playground, a swimming pool, ice cream parlor, a restaurant, workout room, private beach that overlooks our beautiful San Diego Bay, skate park, basketball courts, lots of places to ride bikes, open grass areas, just so many things to do. There is even a small convenience store for those items you forgot to pack. Which is what really sold me because I would just loose my mind if I would run out of coffee. 

I have some really great memories camping while growing up. Camping is in my blood and I couldn’t think of a better way to give my kids all of me without any interruptions.

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I woke up early one morning to witness the world waking up. Very peaceful and calming.

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Campfires. Enough said.Campland on the Bay_0037.jpg


Just beautiful!
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One thing that I really like about Campland is how well grounds are kept. Bravo!
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Camping without bacon is like a flower without any scent.  Should never happen. During our stay I tried to convince myself that sparkling water tastes like diet soda. So far my taste buds are not convinced.

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We actually did leave the campground  to enjoy the company of some of Knute’s fire department family. Good times!

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Perfect place to ride bikes and zap around on electric scooters.
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In the mornings I would walk around the campground with my coffee and chuckle on how smart the ducks were. They would scour campgrounds to snack on all the food that was left on the ground from the day before.


Just a glimmer of our rejuvenating weekend. It was just what we needed to get our family on track again. We are looking forward to the next Cox family adventure. Now get out there and create some memories.

Peace, Love, Photography.


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