Coming Up for Some Air | San Diego Photographer

I caught myself saying so many times, that when I finish this blogsite, I would have reached the end of a long tunnel. However, what I quickly realized and what most photographers already know, there really isn’t an end to maintaining and creating a blogsite. We get to certain points in our photography journey that we can stop and take a deep breath at vents along the way to keep us moving forward. There still is a sense of relief due to the fact that it has taken me over two years to get to this point. It was August 2009 when I decided to pursue this dream of mine, and even though I will not reach the end, which I thought existed, I manage to reach an air vent to fill my lungs with this intense passion of mine all over again. I am constantly thinking of ideas on how to build my blog to represents me as an artist and my ability to transform my ideas into visual interpretation. I am excited, nervous, exhausted, anxious, and fulfilled at completing what I have come up with to represent my brand.

I would not have been able to construct this blogsite without taking Business 101: Hands-On WordPress Clinic through Clickinmoms . Creating a site on my own was such a crazy idea and I didn’t really give myself a choice in learning how to build one. With the knowledge I gained from Courtney Keim and from this workshop I believe I put together a site that looks professional and will be an outlet to show of who I am.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

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