Cunningham | Mount Laguna Family Photographer

When I first moved to San Diego in 2002, a fellow midwesterner told me that I will never get used to not experiencing a true fall season here. We have beautiful vistas and great beaches, but there really isn’t fall foliage, smoking chimneys, and cold rain. They were right! I lived a mile from the beach for my first two years here in San Diego and I yearned for leaves crunching under my feet and the warm and happy feeling that autumn gives you. After we married, I moved to Knute’s small mountain town of Pine Valley. Our elevation is around 3,800 feet and although we are known for our pine trees, we have quite a few deciduous trees that loose their leaves annually. It is something I am so thankful for and Pine Valley has given me so many things that remind of home.

If you live in San Diego and you haven’t experience Mt. Laguna, then you are certainly missing out. I am a midwestern girl by heart, but it is really cool to go to the beach one day and head to the mountains the next. One of my favorite things to do is take my kids sled riding and Mt. Laguna offers endless hills. We are out for hours! It just brings back so many memories of when I was a child and nothing was more thrilling then going head first down a step hill. I want my kids to have the same memories of staying out all day until their toes freeze and coming home to a warm fire, which includes hot chocolate and buttered toast. Anyone else dip their toast in hot chocolate?

How fitting that the mom from this session is named Autumn. As it just so happens that we are awesome friends. Our personalities meld together quite well and I find her inner and outer beauty fits her name. She is warm and inviting just like the season. Autumn wanted a session with the allure of the fall colors so we headed up to Mt. Laguna to the ever gorgeous trees and landscapes. If you live in San Diego County and have never experienced Mt. Laguana you must go! It is a beautiful drive and the surroundings of nature are relaxing and breaks you away from life and craziness that comes with it sometimes.

Mt. Laguna California Photographer

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