Emily + David | Old Poway Park

Old Poway Park is one of the most popular photography spots in San Diego County, and during this time of year, the park is FILLED with nicely dressed families with a photographer leading their every move.  I get it!  The park has some really cool and interesting textures and buildings, and I can certainly see why it is popular.  It’s the perfect scenerio that makes me want to run as far away as I can!  BUT when my beautiful friend and client asked to shoot there I took it upon myself to challenge my brain and deliver images that aren’t the typical “Old Poway Park” type.  You will not see any tracks or train cars, it just isn’t my style.  When I scouted the location I wanted to really see the park and look for the non traditional set ups. There are a few images that you can tell are shot there; however, overall it doesn’t have that over done feel. I wanted to give the Rangel family something different while still taking advantage of all the different set ups. 


Dominic is one jolly kid.  So fun and easy to shoot. 

Elana is a hands-on sister.  She has sweet bond with her brothers.


Emily is an inspiration to me.  Her patience is something I aspire to have. 

LMBO! (Laughing my BUNS off)

“Connection” is something I always strive to capture. 


Nothing gets me more excited than a moody black and white.


 Emily and family, Thanks for being here with me along this ever so crazy journey of mine. Merry Christmas! 

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