What does the session fee cover? The session fee covers my time capturing your images and the time it takes processing the images that will be shown at your in-person ordering session.

Do you help with styling? Yes, a large component of custom portraiture is styling. Now is a good time to buy that outfit you always wanted. I prefer to photograph natural colors and fabrics but the choice is yours. I would be more than happy to look over any outfits you have in mind for you and your family. I can give you recommendations on what photographs well. I also suggest clients take hair and makeup into consideration as well as accessories for your session.

Do you provide professional make up application? Yes, I find that many women want this service to feel their very best. I have noticed that women who have their makeup professionally applied radiates confidence. Confidence is very attractive on camera. If you choose to have this service an appointment will be made for you, by me, with the makeup artist before the session. The cost is $65 per client.

How important is it to be on time for your session? This is extremely important. Since I am a natural light photographer, your session time plays a key role in capturing beautiful images. If a client is late to a session, valuable lighting can be lost. A session will not be rescheduled if a client is tardy.

What if I have to cancel our session? If a session is canceled, a new session date is reschedule and the session fee is transferred to the new date (only one rescheduling allowed). The rescheduled session needs to be scheduled within two months from original session. A 48 hour notice must be given if a session needs to be canceled.

When I purchase digital negatives do I obtain the copyright to the images? No, I retain all copyright of the images I capture.

What is a model release? A model release is a signed document granting me permission to feature your images on my blog and marketing materials.

What is a print release? A print release gives you permission from me, the photographer, to print to your images at a consumer print lab. All consumer labs are asking for this written permission when ordering and/or picking up your prints.

Why do you snap so many pictures but you only show 20-25 images at ordering session? I delete any images that have closed eyes, people not engaged with the camera, blurred arms from movement, etc. I also take many test shots so those images are also purged. For obvious reasons, these are photos that I don’t present to a client. The images that I show at your in person ordering session are the very best of the time that I spend with you at your session. I only show images that precisely represents my brand and image.

What do you do with the images that don’t meet your standards? Since I shoot in RAW format, the images are very large. Because of their size, I purge all images permanently from my computer’s hard drive.

How do your clients order their products? The viewing and selection will be done in-person and will be scheduled one to two weeks after the initial session date.

Why do you do in-person ordering only? By offering in-person ordering, I can help meet the needs of you, my client on a more customizable level. Most of my clients need suggestions in products and I can help recommend print size and grouping in areas of their home that they would like their heirloom artist prints displayed. I want my client to purchase the best quality print to hang on their walls. I want to extend my services further than just taking your picture.

Why do you recommend not printing larger than 8×12? When enlarging a digital negative the file must be prepared to print larger. The editing processes become more detailed and should be left up to the professional. When printing smaller you will not be able to notice a difference but as you print larger the difference becomes noticeable between print labs. When displaying larger images, you want these images to look their best. Heirloom artist prints are sprayed with a luster coating for longevity and archiving and are mounted on 2mm styrene. Clients can choose not to frame mounted prints because styrene offers durability. Many consumer print labs do not offer this service.

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