Flodin Family | Lake in San Diego

So here we are, the beginning of January.  Another year for Pixel Creek Photography, and once again I think about how I managed to stay afloat in this ever so saturated industry.   Gaining exposure has been the hardest for me. There are just so many of us grasping for air.   The industry is tough..really tough.  There have been times I wanted to throw in the towel,  moments that I wondered if I was ever going to be successful, and dreams that I thought I would never see happen.  

In July I hit a major turning point in my career.  I decided that I was no longer going to study another photographer, take another workshop, and buy expensive digital education.  I unfollowed pages  and unsubscribed from newsletters of photographers some of us drool over.  Taking these out of my life set me free in a way.    I finally started to believe I did have it all.   All that I needed to be successful..the passion and drive.  Photography is more than just a business for me, it is a creative outlet.  Before sessions I think about the location, light, and subjects I have to work with.  I think about post production and how I will translate what I see and feel.  I keep a notebook handy and  jot down ideas and sceneiros to capture.   Ever since this epiphany I began to be more humble of my past and welcomeing to what lies ahead.  How LUCKY am I!

2015 was my year of referrals.  I have learned that you can pay for expensive marketing but nothing is more valuable than word of mouth.  Clients invest their hard earned income into a luxery item so customer satisfaction and client experiences are my top priorities. Melanie and Tim came to me as a referral (Thanks Jenny!) and I wanted nothing more to give them what they asked for.  There are not many lakes in San Diego and of those not many scenic; however, Lake Poway has proved to provide me, once again, with stunning golden light and the calmness of water.   Their children were sweet and energetic which reminded me how much I enjoy family sessions.  I was able to capture sweet moments between Melanie and Tim.  There is no denying their passion.   I love working with people. I am a people person so getting personal with strangers is something I am completely comfortable with.   


She reminds me of my sweet Kennedy.  If Kennedy wore glasses they would be twins!

I asked him to please not smile.  Works everytime! 

  One of my favorites! 
Can you tell Melanie was freezing?

Unplanned moments are always the best. 

 Oh that LIGHT!

YES! Love this one too. 


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