Goodwin | Fall Session Mount Laguana

Laguna Mountain.  The air is fresh, trees are green, and the quietness gets me to stop for a minute and breath. It’s such a special place to me and so many that live close by.  I have a lot of memories with my family and friends exploring its beauty.  A gem within San Diego County.  When someone wants to hold their session there I jump at the chance to visit such a serine and calming place.  

Oh the Goodwin family. How beautiful are they!?  Sondra’s dress is so sheik, her skin is flawless, and her hair is gorgeous!  She really took the time and thought about what her goal was for their family images.  She did a great job coordinating outfits and getting her family ready to go for our time together.    As much as I love shooting in the mountains, I enjoy the families I photograph just as much.  I enjoy people and I look forward to meeting new clients and getting a moment to look into their lives.  I love capturing their love for one another and the laughter they all share together.  

After each and every session my goal is to always walk away smiling in knowing I captured exactly what my client is looking for, and that I stayed true to my style and service.   And after our time together I knew I captured some heartfelt and real moments between this family.  Enjoy! 




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