Hartman Family | Anniversary Photographer


If you are married you know the importance of celebrating an anniversary. I know some guys don’t want to make it an over the top kind of day, but I do find that most want to partake in something special to celebrate one of the most important commitments they’ve  made. Knute and I have celebrated past anniversaries by biking around Mission Bay and ending with dinner and drinks at a dive bar by the beach, and we have dined at some pretty incredible restaurants where the check exceeds two weeks worth of groceries.  One year, we watched the sunset here in Pine Valley talking about our lives together and how grateful we are for each other. That evening was one of the best celebrations, it was just perfect.  Next June will be the big TEN for us and we are thinking about traveling to celebrate this milestone.  I am taking suggestions on where we should go. There are just so many possibilities.

I am bringing up anniversaries because that is exactly why Christy hired me. She wanted me to capture the most important things in her life during her ten years of marriage to Derrick. Derrick and their daughter’s are Christy’s “EVERYTHING” and she wanted to document that. We met at the very same location where they were married 10 years ago. Extremely romantic. This private home was incredible. The gardens were breathtaking and the overall feel was magical. The children are just adorable and spontaneous,  and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect.  We had great warm lighting towards the end of our session. I know I say this after every session but this session is one of my favorites to date!!

Christy and Derrick, wishing you many more years of wedding bliss. May your lives continue to be full and adventurous. -Karen



I love seeing families who are as happy as we are.


One of my favorites!


These girls are so fun and spunky.


If I had a yard like this, I would never leave.




What a great sport Derrick was. This session meant so much to Christy.

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