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Life is good!  As the sun is shining through the window while writing this post I can’t help but feel fortunate for all the things that matter. With a great school year behind us Ive been thinking about the year’s successes and some of the great people I have met. Naomi is one of those people. She is not only beautiful but she is quite lovely and sweet. You may remember her session  HERE.  After her private session with me a couple of months ago, she hired me to shoot a full family session, a session that she has been wanting for a really long time. As a photographer, the biggest compliment I could ever receive is to be intrusted with the precious task of capturing one’s family.  It makes me quite happy to give my clients an experience they have never had before. That is the beauty of being an artist. Just like a painter who paints on a canvas, or a sculpture who uses clay to create a one-of- a kind piece, photographers use their equipment to take an idea from our heads and capture them through our lenses.

Just darling!


Sweet, sweet family.


For someone who said they didn’t like their picture taken, Bryan did a great job!!




They wanted a “serious look” so this is what they got.


 Love, LOVE this shot!

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