Jillian | Carlsbad Child Photographer

To be five years old again…sigh. I remember being that tender age. I used to ride my pink Huffy bike to the park up the street by myself. I didn’t have a lot of toys but I had one crazy imagination. I remember my grandmother used to make dessert with every meal, and the “Brady Bunch” was my favorite show.  Now I am surrounded by two pretty cool kids and a husband who loves me even when I am crabby.  If I could just relive one day at five years old…just one day!  I would lay on the grass on Fisher Place and look at the sky while breathing in the smells. I would pick up a stick and use it as a baton, I would wonder around for hours looking for a pop bottle to cash in at the Quick Shop so I could get a popsicle. Oh to be five again, I wouldn’t have to worry about government shutdowns, bills, and how in the heck and I going to be on two soccer fields at once on a Saturday morning.

Jillian is five now and she too will look back on her life and want to relieve it just as I do. It’s funny how when your a kid you don’t think about these things. I tell my kids all the time to enjoy being their age because well..being a grown up is no fun sometimes.

Jillian is my niece and you can tell her mother is constantly taking pictures of her. She was pretty amazing with direction and understood my posing lingo.  I love the park we choose. Lots of green grass and the light was beautiful. And that DRESS!!! Carter’s in case anyone is interested.


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