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Photography and fashion are both visual arts, yet for some reason I just can’t get a grasp on what clothes are a certain style, what is “in”, and what would be good for my body frame.  I know what I like and what colors look good on me, but I just can’t get it all together from head to toe.  One goal on my list of New Year’s resolutions is to grasp my personal style. A resolution that I have been working on for months.  Since we moved into our new home I wanted my style to reflect in our surroundings.  I have pin pointed what works for us, and starting this Monday, we are taking the first steps to make this happen. (Images coming to a future blog post.)  Through reading, looking, gawking, and dreaming I have learned a little about myself.  I love things that are nature inspired, simple, and out of the ordinary.  I like straight lines, modern yet classic, and I sway towards neutral colors. 

So now that I have my house under control, I need to work on myself.  Do I feel clothing defines a person? Maybe. Do I want people to judge me by what I choose to wear? I honestly don’t care. When I dress in something pretty I feel confident and my mood changes.  I feel happy and my mind seems clear.  I don’t feel I need to spend a lot of money on clothes.  I shop sales and spending more than twenty dollars on a pair of jeans is a spurge for me.  Before I started shooting for Miss Match I had no idea what looks good on my frame.  I’m a curvy girl so I am extremely picky and this has kept me out of stores because nothing seems to be constructed to suit me.  As soon as I walked into one of Tally’s locations I was mesmerized by her beautiful clothes because they fit every body type without sacrificing style. The company’s tagline “A boutique for all women” resonates well and her clothing is affordably priced.   While seeing items pulled off racks I observe what pieces work (and don’t work) which has taught me a lot about textiles and overall visual appeal. What I have learned is that coordinating outfits is really no different than coordinating client sessions.  You have to take different componets to execute an overall desired feel of the session outcome.  I work closely with clients before sessions to achieve this.  A key building block when working with Pixel Creek Photography. This part of the client experience is extremely important to me.  

Kara is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. You can find her website HERE.  Because I am living out my own passion I resonate with other women who are doing the same.  I feel supporting all women is vital in whatever our endeavors are. It is good for our souls.  We are all trying to balance work, children, homes, partners, commitments, so as women we must lift each other up.  There is no competing…we are all trying to survive. 


Meet Kara.


Kara, thank you for your professionalism and beauty. It was great working with you!

Miss Match San Diego has two locations. One in Ocean Beach and another in Coronado. 

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