Kelly | House of Pacific Relations International Cottages

Each time I shoot at Balboa Park the more I am amazed at all the different elements it has to offer.  So many great textures and colors, historic buildings, great and manicured grounds, and beautiful lights that us photographers gush over.  A gold mind in a way, and each time I am there I find some really great spots that make sessions different from one another.    So when Jenny and I were discussing where our time together should take place I thought Balboa would be a location that could offer what she was looking for.  

If you have been to Balboa you may have noticed the House of Relations International Cottages. It is those little structures (located by the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater) that are open to the public periodically on the weekends. Each cottage represents a different country.  A total of thirty three countries are represented inside this area and is a place to learn about different cultures through history, culture, and sometimes even food.   You should definitely add this to your “things-to-do” list!  So many great countries to learn about.  And right in the middle of where these cottages are placed is an open  area that showcases some of the best light I have ever shot in here is San Diego.  So golden and creamy. The perfect combination. 

The Kelly family couldn’t have been more sweet, fun, and photogenic. I mean look at these images!  So many great shots and I love how Jenny assembled all of the outfits.  A very important aspect to custom photography is having one wear something cohesive but not matchy-matchy.  Both boys were well behaved, fun, and loved getting their picture taken. Two little models who took direction very well, and not to mention those two were ALWAYS smiling and happy!  Pure joy with these two.  Always a treat when photographing children.  

And I want to give a shout out to Jaime.  I think some of us photographers agree that it is a huge relief  when husbands are on board with a session.  Excellent job, Jamie!! 

One of my many favorites from that evening. 


Remember I mentioned about how the light is so great. I love this particular spot!


One of the best things to give to each parent is shots with just them and their children. These will always be cherished. 




Oh man..look at the way they are looking at each other. Priceless.






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