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I was  wanting to feature my own kids once a year on my blog, but it just occurred to me that this will be the second time in the last twelve months. I completely forgot about back to school pictures. So I’m going to post twice a year because the back to school pictures are pretty fun, and….well…they are my life and reading my blog is about getting to know me and what I am all about, right? To not overwhelm you, my readers, I am just showing my absolute favorites!!

So here they are.  First up Kennedy.  She turned six in January and this little girl has a personality that turns heads with her quirkiness.  She is fun, kind, whimsical, believes in magic, and her ora can light up a room.  I wanted to capture her cuteness with her two missing teeth. I didn’t want her to loose them and I am praying they grow back slowly. I just can’t get enough of her smile. Secondly, my main man Porter who is now eight years old!! He is my warm, smart, sensitive, adventurous first born.  He is very passionate on so many levels and I am very proud of that.  He is going to do BIG things in his life. I can tell.   As much as I want to say that they are perfect, and our days go by without incident, they are far from that (as well as myself) but they are loved and I am loved.  And to me…what else do you really need?

I take each of their portraits once a year.  I am talking about formal portraits. Of course I am constantly snapping their faces but I want to make sure I give them each a styled shoot yearly.  I just love looking back on the years and seeing how much they grown into their current skin. They bulk at the camera sometimes but they are pretty good for the most part.  I am a lucky mom.


Porter happily assisted me by holding the blow dryer.











Stud Muffin!





Maybe I am biased but he looks like an all American boy. I just love that about him.



One more thing I would like to share is on each of their birthdays I write them a letter to sum up their year and how truly blessed I am, as their mother, to have them as my children. They don’t know about the writings and quite honestly I have never told my husband.  On their eighteenth birthdays I want to present my words as a gift as they enter the adult world.  The idea came to me after writing them each a letter before they were born that I tucked away in their baby books. I continued to write a letter to each of them every year.


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