Maddie & Julie | Outdoor Family Photographer


After I moved away from Pine Valley many people asked me if I would stop shooting there. My answer was and will be the same. Pine Valley is a part of my style of shooting.  It is a part of me, a part that will never ever go away.  I will always shoot there.  The mountain scape and rugged terrain are my specialty. I know where “THE SPOTS” are. I am finding that most clients want the mountain feel; the broken fences, golden sunsets, and dirt paths in their images. The mountains provide a unique texture and feel that other areas in San Diego just don’t offer. How lucky am I do be able to showcase such a great area??!! 

The spot I took Julie and Maddie is in area where I frequently mountain bike.  When I am out and about in the forest my eyes are always open to location possibilities.  The light hits each and every area differently during the day and sometimes I will jump in my car and drive a few miles just to see what the light looks  like.  I am a little obsessive like that!  Maddies personality really shined in these series of photos.  She is one free spirit.  I love that about children…not a care in the world. 


Julie, You will thank yourself later about getting in front of the camera. One of the best gifts you can give your child is a photo of you!


One of my favorites! 


It’s all about the giggles. 


Julie working it! 





Couldn’t have been more perfect! 

Thank you Julie for giving me the opportunity to photograph you and Maddie. The pleasure is all mine! XXoo

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