My Boy | San Diego County Photographer

Dear Sweet Boy,

Here we are, showing off your six year old portraits. It just seems like yesterday that I dropped you off at preschool for the very first time and I cried the whole way home. Now you are learning to read and excelling in math. You are playing your third year of soccer and trying your hardest to tie your shoelaces. I love going through your pockets and seeing what you think is treasure. I look at you and I am so proud for the little boy you are and the man you will become. You have a darling personality, very caring and fun. Your heart is sweet and your mind is curious. You are loved by so many and I am blessed that I was chosen to guide you in life. I look forward to the many years of laughter and adventures. And no matter what awaits us in our lives, we will be together hand in hand.

I love you Porter, to the moon and back.


I asked for a serious look and this is what I got.

After Porter was born, the firemen from my husband’s shift all signed this football for him. We have cherished it for the past six years and will cherish it for many more.

What an endearing portrait of the other man in my life.

I finally gave in the towel and said, “that’s it!”. They both couldn’t get back to the house fast enough to finsh their Pokemon game. Really out of focus but I still like it.

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