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Can you believe it is the middle of May already?! It hit me after Porter turned eight years old, and I realized that there are only a handful of school days left. What does this means for me? It means that I will tackle personal photography projects and devote myself to my beauties over the summer months. I also need to get on the ball and plan our summer vacation. I am taking the bull by the horns this year. I am giving my husband a break and planning the whole entire trip. Ekkk! I am still available for sessions, I just have to work them around my traveling schedule.

Having this flexibility is one of the reasons why I chose to open my photography business. When it was time to look at adding to our household income, a nine to five job just wouldn’t work with such young kiddos and a fireman husband.  I already had a passion for photography so why not take something you love and turn it into something profitable.  I started this journey three years ago and it took me until now to finally find my place in an industry that is saturated with photographers.  Fans are commenting more on Facebook posts, I receive three times as many inquiries, and my website gets more hits in one week then it did in months when I was first starting out.   I love meeting new clients and I enjoy setting the bar high and deliver services and products beyond exceptions.  It hasn’t been an easy road (Is it ever when starting your own business?),  but for every bump, mountain, and river that seemed to get in my way, I never ONCE said that I wanted to quit. Not ONCE!  I waded through the hardship of growing, learning, and investing to have a business that I can call my own.

Onto this session. Here is Naomi. Naomi is one of the three lucky winners who won a free headshot session from me.  She has been a fan of mine since the beginning which made it even sweeter that she was one of the winners.  She is stunning, sweet, and her smile is quite beautiful.  We shot in Descanso in an open field next to the elementary school. Let me just say it is my new favorite place.  Lots of textures and colors to work with.  The golden sunset is my favorite part of it all.  I have about four weeks before the field goes from green to yellow so I am making it a priority to shot there.  Just too beautiful not to.


Beautiful Mama.


Naomi, Remember I asked you to use your model face? This is what I got! You did and excellent job!



Sweet and innocent.



One of my favorites. Great lighting and awesome textures.


This one is my favorite.




There’s that sweet face again.


I have quite a few posts in the lineup coming in the next couple of weeks. Watch for them!

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