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Just about everything excites me. Things like fresh basil in my garden, a walk in the mist of the morning, and finding a Coke Zero hidden in the back of the refrigerator (don’t judge..I rarely drink them).  As wonderful as these things are to me there is one thing that I enjoy more, meeting great people who are striving to exist is the small business world.  UPcycled Works  is owned by Andrea O’Neil and she has a passion for vintage finds which has translated into a profitable home based business.  Like photography, custom jewelry production is an art form. Her creations translate into who she is,  and with every piece of every line there is a story.  Along with her husband Patrick, Andrea creates stunning classic works of wearable art into conversation pieces.  Take a peek at her online Etsy shop.  Her pieces represent both era charm and modern design.  Her business goals have taken her to many great places and has kept her quite busy.  Surviving  within the realm of a small business proposes challenges, but with the support of each other we all can be successful and most importantly…happy.  I look forward to shooting some of her masterpieces. 

Heritage Park offers a mix of everything. Classic structures, lush landscaping, rustic fences, and some of the prettiest trees I have ever seen.  This spot is charming and I had no idea it even existed!!  Have you ever seen Heritage Park before? It is right next to Old Town. Stop and check it out. It will be worth it. 


Heritage Park in Old Town gave me so many colors and textures. 

Patrick and Andrea’s personality is attractive and alluring. Really great people. 

 These two are as in love as I am with my own husband. 

 No doubt she is head over heals for this man. 

  Her pieces are constructed with craftsmanship and quality finds. 

Heritage Park Victorian Houses San Diego blog_0025





Don’t forget to check out Andrea’s website UpCycled Works. You can learn more about her journey, her creations, her functional workspace, and where you can find her jewelry.  

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