Mini sessions are a great way to grab those images for holiday cards and wall portraits to hang in your home.   The first date and location to be released is Pine Valley.  Looking for a location that represents the fall season? Pine Valley offers a nice  alternative from those typical beach shots.  Pine tress, colorful natural shrubs, and warm colors will give your images textures and warmth.   If you never been to the mountains of San Diego, now is your opportunity to fully embrace a special place tucked in an area many San Diego locals didn’t even know existed. 

To book, please contact Karen at  You can also call/text at 619-985-3867.  


And she is off into this world with hopes and dreams.  As crazy as us adults think this world is,  I know we will be in good hands with the kind of kids that are ready to take on our future.  Camryn is a confidant, respectable, intelligent young woman who is going to do great things.   After spending many hours shooting her in the last couple of months I can tell she is going to make a loving and caring impact in so many lives.  I am honored to have documented these important chapters, and I look forward to more time together.   

Thank you to both Camryn and her mother Kelley for seeing my vision and running with it.  Until we meet again, wishing your family so much joy in the exciting years to come. 

xxoo, Karen

I realized, after I shot these graduate portraits, I finished up my high school career 25 years ago!  How can that be? I feel like I am still 20…am I really in my 40s? Doesn’t seem possible!  Just last week I was looking at an old sticker book full of Strawberry Shortcake scratch-and-sniff stickers and they still smelled!  If I had three wishes one would be young again. Today’s times don’t scare me, there is so much opportunity for our children. It’s exciting!  

To see such confident young men heading out into the world brings back a flow of memories of my earlier years.  Boy…those were some fun times.  With young adults like Eli and Ethan leading the way of our youth today, things are going to be A-OKAY.

Shot at the University of San Diego.  Couldn’t think of a better place to capture a season of their lives they will never forget. 

Much luck, fellas!

. And to see young adults like Eli and Ethan brings back memories of my graduation years.  We didn’t 

After seventeen years of living in San Diego I still jump for joy when I have beach sessions.   When I drive to the beach the smell of the sand and sea hits my face as soon as I open the car door.  It’s something I never gotten used to, as if I just arrived to my vacation destination without realizing the beach is only 25 minutes away.  When Camryn requested to shoot her senior portraits at the beach I knew it was going to be successful before we even scheduled the date.  The beach offers so many colors and textures that are a reflection of my work.  Out of all the locations I shoot, the ocean is by far the most emotional. 

Camryn is the typical southern California girl,  great memories have been made at the beach with her friends and family, so it was important for her to really take in the ocean air and scenery.  As I was shooting Camryn I would often say to her, “Look at the ocean and feel it…don’t just see it…feel it.  And with her doing that I was able to capture the pureness of her personality.  What a kind young lady full dreams and hearing her speak about her future is energizing.  Seniors offer so much hope and Camryn will certainly do big things with her life.      

Camryn, I wish you much luck and many memories as you head to Grand Canyon University!  It truly was a pleasure to work with you and your family.

Hugs and love,