I realized, after I shot these graduate portraits, I finished up my high school career 25 years ago!  How can that be? I feel like I am still 20…am I really in my 40s? Doesn’t seem possible!  Just last week I was looking at an old sticker book full of Strawberry Shortcake scratch-and-sniff stickers and they still smelled!  If I had three wishes one would be young again. Today’s times don’t scare me, there is so much opportunity for our children. It’s exciting!  

To see such confident young men heading out into the world brings back a flow of memories of my earlier years.  Boy…those were some fun times.  With young adults like Eli and Ethan leading the way of our youth today, things are going to be A-OKAY.

Shot at the University of San Diego.  Couldn’t think of a better place to capture a season of their lives they will never forget. 

Much luck, fellas!

. And to see young adults like Eli and Ethan brings back memories of my graduation years.  We didn’t 

After seventeen years of living in San Diego I still jump for joy when I have beach sessions.   When I drive to the beach the smell of the sand and sea hits my face as soon as I open the car door.  It’s something I never gotten used to, as if I just arrived to my vacation destination without realizing the beach is only 25 minutes away.  When Camryn requested to shoot her senior portraits at the beach I knew it was going to be successful before we even scheduled the date.  The beach offers so many colors and textures that are a reflection of my work.  Out of all the locations I shoot, the ocean is by far the most emotional. 

Camryn is the typical southern California girl,  great memories have been made at the beach with her friends and family, so it was important for her to really take in the ocean air and scenery.  As I was shooting Camryn I would often say to her, “Look at the ocean and feel it…don’t just see it…feel it.  And with her doing that I was able to capture the pureness of her personality.  What a kind young lady full dreams and hearing her speak about her future is energizing.  Seniors offer so much hope and Camryn will certainly do big things with her life.      

Camryn, I wish you much luck and many memories as you head to Grand Canyon University!  It truly was a pleasure to work with you and your family.

Hugs and love,



Another great and golden session captured in north county San Diego.   Since my style of shooting involves the combination of natural textures and colors, it is extremely important to make sure each of my client’s outfit choices blend into the elements in a way that the viewer isn’t distracted by bright bold colors like neons and heavy striped patterns.  Jennifer chose a color pallet that is cohesive and individualized.  Part of my service is to help my clients  with selections that would be a perfect fit for the locations while still remaining comfortable.   

The Bill family is another group of people that shine in our world.  Positive energy is spread from within to the people around them.  Always a joy to see them.   I am happy to have been able to provide them custom portraiture.  

As a photographer it is vital to make a certain connection with my clients.  If this connection isn’t made I can’t really dig in and capture what I need to produce custom imagery that reflects my style.   Sometimes it’s easy…sometimes it takes a little more dialog to help make my clients comfortable.  But when I am pretty much handed the level of trust that the Cortez Family gave me, my job becomes a dream. So many great shots of a fun and charismatic group.  Love you Cortez Family! 

For the second year in a row I had the privilege of capturing the experience of the San Diego Fire Rescue 5K and Kids Run.  Want to know what they are all about? Read HERE.   This is an event the whole entire family will love.  Firefighters, pancakes, fire trucks, beer garden, firefighters, vendors, 5K, kids run, obstacle course, did I say firefighters?  There is really something for everyone!   

San Diego Fire Rescue mission statement: “Our mission is to provide enhanced equipment, training, technology, and community education resources so the world-class first responders of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department are better equipped to protect the citizens, property, and environment of San Diego and the surrounding region.”    

When you register not only are you getting a morning full of fun and memories,  you are also helping our men and women who run into emergencies while we are are trying to get out.  Thank you to SDFR for going beyond everyone’s expectations and giving us all a positive experience at the event.  I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for next year’s 5k and kids’ run! 



Coronado Bridge. Just so calm and therapudic before everyone arrives. 


The best race metals I have ever seen! 


This one really touches me.  There was so much effort in making sure our glorious flag didn’t touch the ground. 





This year they added a firefighter obstacle course for the youngsters.  Next year they will adding an adult course….I’m in! 




The course was lined with our men and women in yellow to guide runners and to keep them safe.  




Running a 5K in heavy turnouts…only for the strong hearted. 



And with every registration you not only get a t-shirt, swag bag, and metal, you also get a FREE pancake breakfast. 










If your little one loves firetrucks this is the event for them! They are even allowed to sit in the drivers seat! 


So many animal lovers there.  Maybe a dog course next year? 



Until next year!