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I am finally excited to share with all of you my experience with my first ever Pinterest party! Who doesn’t like Pinterest? We get some fanstatic ideas on what to cook for dinner, how to decorate our house, how to teach our children, and how to burn those unwanted calories. I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have gone to bed exhausted, but some how I manage to turn on my Ipad and pin away on Pinterest for two hours. I think some of you can relate! I love Pinterst and I am a self proclaimed over pinner. Pinterest has become a huge source of inspiration for me as a photographer. It is one more outlet for us in the photography industry to get our name and our work circulating. It is a huge driving force in so many industries. If anyone would like to follow me, here is the link to my Pintersted board, Karen’s Pinterest Board.

A little background on how I found out about Pinterest Parties. I get a call from my sweet friend Nicole late one Thursday evening and she asks me, “Hey, want to go to a Pinterest Party tomorrow night?”. My first thought was what the heck is a Pinterset Party?! After Nicole tells me the details, here are my next two thoughts, how in the world am I going to find the time to make twenty craft itmes and how much is this going to cost me?! With some heavy thoughts and a 60 mile round trip I prevailed. Not only did I complete my twenty crafts but I did it for under $10! So that proves this it doesn’t have to be expensive.

So lets get to it. This is how a Pinterest Party works:

The Invite:

Establish a time, date, and location. Pick 12-20 guests to be apart of your event. In my opinion 12 is the perfect number but I would not go over 20.

The Details:

Instruct everyone to bring one type of homemade craft that was featured on Pinterest per person. Make sure you keep your attendees informed on what the final head count is. In theory, everyone who brings a craft will be able to take home a craft from each and every person that attends. Instruct guests to bring a sturdy box to carry their goodies in. A nice large sturdy box is ideal.

Another option is to base the crafts on a theme. For instance, you can request that everyone bring homemade Christmas items, kitchen items, children’s craft theme, or home beauty products.

At the party I attended guests also brought a dish to share from a recipe they pinned on Pinterest and they made copies of that recipe to hand out to attendees. I love this idea and you could theme this as well. You could say cookies only, candy, Mexican dishes, dishes that contain olives, whatever you like.

Party Time:

Have a table or two delegated for the crafts to be displayed on. It was fun to drool over all the cool things I was going to take home. I was impressed with all the creativeness. After food and drinks, congregate to an open area and instruct each guests, one by one, to showcase their craft including the materials they used, how much it costs, and how they constructed their. There was a lot of dialog about crafting and I finally know what Mod Podge is.

Once everyone is finished, it is time to collect your crafts. Have some extra boxes handy in case someone forgets to bring theirs. My box that I left with was really heavy.

It is that easy!!! So when is your party?

It was really great fun and I am still enjoying much of the items I took home that night. I wanted to show off some of the cool items gathered. I hope you all enjoy your own Pinterest Parties.

The Pics:

These were some of the displayed items. There were two tables full of our projects. This was a good way to showcase items.

These are the two homemade beauty products that were handed out to guests. I have never really used any homemade beauty product before but I am now a changed woman. My elbows have never been so soft!!

The items on the left were the corsages I made. I had seen them on Martha Stewart’s website years ago and always liked them. I probably wouldn’t have ever made them if it wasn’t for the Pinterest Party. Now I want to make them year after year and hand them out as gifts.
The wreath on the right is Nicole’s project. So perfect in my front window. She used some old piping that her husband cut in to rings and she hot glued greenery from her front yard to the front of the rings. As of today, they are still green and hanging in my kitchen window.

These are really cool. They are coasters made with scrap Christmas cards attached to porcelain tiles. Each tile was given a coat of lacquer for a nice finish. Pennies to make, PEOPLE!

The candle on the left is a Dollar Store glass jar (the Dollar Store came up a lot), filled with Espon salt and topped with a tea light candle. Fresh cranberries and greenery were added to give it that Christmas feel. The necklace on the right was also made with small glass tiles and the snowflake was a piece of scrapbooking paper. I lost this craft to my almost five year old.

I have seen these wine bottles at many craft fairs and when I saw them on the table to be handed out I was extremely excited. I have been wanting one of these for a really long time. The hostess of the event actually made them and she was able to scoop up twenty wine bottles from a local resturant and the rest of the supplies come from the dollar store.

Just one last image of my craft. I wanted to display how one would wear it. You could even pin it in your hair. Again, under $10 to make 20 of them!

So who is having the next Pinterest Party?!

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