Sandford / University of San Diego

I realized, after I shot these graduate portraits, I finished up my high school career 25 years ago!  How can that be? I feel like I am still 20…am I really in my 40s? Doesn’t seem possible!  Just last week I was looking at an old sticker book full of Strawberry Shortcake scratch-and-sniff stickers and they still smelled!  If I had three wishes one would be young again. Today’s times don’t scare me, there is so much opportunity for our children. It’s exciting!  

To see such confident young men heading out into the world brings back a flow of memories of my earlier years.  Boy…those were some fun times.  With young adults like Eli and Ethan leading the way of our youth today, things are going to be A-OKAY.

Shot at the University of San Diego.  Couldn’t think of a better place to capture a season of their lives they will never forget. 

Much luck, fellas!

. And to see young adults like Eli and Ethan brings back memories of my graduation years.  We didn’t 

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