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barrals2As a kid growing up in Ohio I was taught some very important lessons that have transferred to my adult life.  Be honest, be kind, be fun, have entegrity, be passionate, sit up straight, have a savings account, and give to others.  Every single one of my siblings does this, gives back in some shape or form.  It’s our upbringing, it’s our personalities, it’s in our blood.   Once I was settled in after I moved to north San Diego, I felt it was time to dig my heals into another avenue in my life.  Enter the Pint Project whose goal is “MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE PINT AT A TIME”.  This all started with an idea from Chris and Christina Danner.  They have managed an exceptional organization that aids fire families in times of tragedy through events held at micro breweries in San Diego.  These events are emotional, time consuming, and costly to put on, but their commitment and desire to give back to a community they both love, burn that fire to keep it going.  They want the attendees to have fun and have an unforgettable experience all while doing something good.  After several successful events, and thousands of dollars raised, they are starting to form the army that will be behind them for many fundraisers.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to hear and see their latest news. 

“The mission of The Pint Project is to provide assistance to firefighters and their families who have served their community and are now facing a life crisis. Through funding of union benevolent funds, The Pint Project allows firefighters to help their own. While collaborating with craft breweries, The Pint Project captures the community’s love of quality beer and combines it with their desire to help their heroes in a time of need.”


I LOVE the name. So catchy and current, hip and fun.  In the era of craft beer and micro breweries why not use their popularity to reach the fun and forward crowd to serve those who serve us. 


The Lost Abbey


For Jess. Although we have never met, I can tell by the amount of people that were there this night, that you are quite loved and you are missed. 


The silent auction section of this event is crucial  to the overall funds raised. Christy was a ROCKSTAR with her donations. 


A HUGE thank you to those who came and donated items to the silent auction. It was a great success.


Chris and Christina Danner. The ones who started it all.  They could be surfing, they could be chillin’, they could be camping.  Nope, they put their time, smarts, and energy in to what matters to them. 


Bagpipers give me goosebumps and teary eyes. Just so wonderful to hear him play.  


 So a bagpiper walks into a bar….


Lots of laughs, lots of hugs, lots of friends coming together for Jess. 


What would an event like this be without a fire truck. 


If you have never had a wood fire pizza go and get one RIGHT NOW! I love them so much that Knute is installing a pizza oven in our backyard. These pizzas from Bottaro Wood Fire Pizzas were fresh, hot, and delicious. 


The selfie stick in action (again).


The Lost Abbey were the generous host of this event. Without businesses like this the Pint Project couldn’t take their vision and make it happen. Many thanks!


Every host who partners with the Pint Project is given a custom fire hat made by Dave McQead from RSF Fire and DMAC Fire Helmet Shields.


A brewer at work. Maybe they are called something else? I have no idea. I need to be schooled in brewery terms.


That’s a wrap! 


Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next Pint Project event!!

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