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Bundt cakes! Why do we love them so much? Maybe it’s because we haven’t had one we didn’t enjoy, or maybe it’s because the cake usually shines since there isn’t a thick layer of frosting. Not sure, but I really do think they are fun to make and even more fun to give. I have several bundt cake recipes, but this recipe for Whiskey Cake is a regular in my rotation of baking. My girlfriend Silvia gave me the recipe after devouring two pieces at a coffee date back in the day when I would meet other moms on a weekly basis. I have made this so many times I don’t even need a recipe anymore. If you want to bring a treat to the office, or bake a treat for your neighbor, try this recipe!

Yes the title says “WHISKEY Cake” but I use brandy. Is brandy in the whiskey family? I have no clue, but I make it according to the recipe Silvia shared with me. I have used Amaretto and Grand Marnier in the past, because I was out of brandy and those substitutions worked just fine. However, the results were slightly different in flavor. You can certainly taste the brandy (or whatever you use) and it coincides nicely with the chocolate chips. The taste of the walnuts counteract with the sweetness of the cake and provides a buttery bite of yummy-goodness. This recipe doesn’t use a glaze but it does use a soaking syrup that gives this cake a moist texture and a mouthful of robust flavors. The cake is fairly easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find at the grocery, if you don’t already have them on hand. The brandy you see in the images, runs about $10 but I do believe you can get a smaller size.

I am telling myself this is the last time I am going to say this, I am NOT a food photographer. My kitchen has the worst light for ingredient and step-by-step shots. And I don’t have the correct lens for wider shots. That is why subjects seem so “tight” in the frame. My set-up for the presentation shots were done outside on my deck on top of our air conditioner. It gives me the perfect light needed for a bright image. Christmas is coming so maybe Santa will bring me a new lens. (Hi Honey..hint, hint.)

I really want to know what you think so drop me a line. Enjoy!

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The cake ingredients.



Give the walnuts a rough chop.



What is great about this recipe is that you put everything in the bowl at once, except the chocolate chips and walnuts.

You stir those in by hand once the main batter is mixed.



This is critical, make sure you prepare your bundt pan with a layer of shortening and a dusting of flour.



After your pour the batter in the prepared pan, make sure it is nice and even.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 50- 60 minutes, depending on your oven.



So beautiful!



Soaking syrup solution.



Over medium heat, cook ingredients until the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved. Since there is alcohol in this, be careful if using a gas stove.



Poke the cake a few times with a fork and spoon the syrup on top of the hot cake. Let the syrup soak in for about two hours. After that, invert cake on stand or plate.



I delivered this particular Whiskey Cake to the teachers at our cute little school where my kids attend.  I still write recipes on recipe cards. So nostalgic.


 And here you have it! Whiskey Cake

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