About Me

Hello image seekers!

My name is Karen Cox, founder of Pixel Creek Photography. I’m a visual storyteller and eternal optimist, who happens to wield a camera. A native to Cincinnati, Ohio, I now live in sunny San Diego with my firefighter husband and two beautiful children. Along with my fashion line Blueberd Collective, Pixel Creek is my  passion business.

The road to Pixel Creek is a story in itself, beginning in 2002 in the American heartland. I packed a suitcase of clothes, a camera, and a sense of adventure, and headed to the dreamy shores of Southern California.

As a girl, I’d fallen in love with the art of the image when I scanned the glossy pages of National Geographic magazine. In those faraway worlds, inspiration flourished and I knew I had found my calling.

My curiosity and love for photography has grown ever since. Today, Pixel Creek specializes in portraiture, headshots, family photographs, special celebrations, and corporate events.

An ever-evolving image maker with over 10 years of experience, my pure positivity reflects in every photograph I take. Clients feel uplifted throughout the duration of the shoot, whether it’s purely professional or joyously candid.

Treating everyone as if they were a friend, rather than a subject, Pixel Creek offers a truly unique encounter. Whether you seek a custom portrait or a festive family group shot, my lens creates extraordinary magic.

In my downtime, I love capturing family life with my camera; making memories to cherish, I have a soul for adventure and curiosity, and I live life to the fullest all while documenting it on the way.