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In a blink of an eye, I sent my baby off to kindergarten, and Porter has officially entered the second grade! I never thought this day would come having BOTH kids in school!  I have mixed emotions about it all. As I was tucking Kennedy into bed the night before school started, I looked at a corner of her room where her crib used to be and I remembered how I used to sooth her cries by singing to her when she was a baby. Now I was calming her fears of entering an exciting, but somewhat scary, new phase of her life. It was just too much for me to handle. I left her room in tears because my sweet girl was growing up. Porter was a little easier because he knew what to expect. But as for me, once the newness wears off, I know it’s all going to be fine.

I love our little school. Descanso Elementary lies in East County San Diego. Descanso is a very rural community with the school facing an open pasture of cattle with mountains in the background. There are many windy roads, homes with views, and while on drives you can see locals riding horses. We are small and underfunded school district,  but the soul of the teachers and parents make our little school full of passion and heart. And as much as the weeds need to be pulled and classrooms need to be painted, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes I think since we don’t have a lot of visual “fluff”,  we appreciate our school more and grasp what truly matters. I look forward to once again being a part of special school community I believe in.

After we wished the kids luck on their first day, Knute and I set off to do what we love to do most…hike. It is how we grew to know each other.  We hulled every kid up mountains until we couldn’t carry them anymore and we have seen beautiful landscapes from the highest peaks.  Taking a long hike is the perfect start to this new phase together as parents and as partners. Since Knute works a fantastic fireman’s schedule we will be spending much needed time together. We are going to have one heck of a good time while being a little adventurous! As couples with children know, it is mostly about the kids. Now that our children will be in school most days, I am excited to be his companion and friend once again. To give him my fullest attention. As we hiked that day, I surprise him and pulled out a bottle of champagne out of my pack. And as I held back tears, I toasted to “Us” and congratulated the both of us on a job well done for making it to this stage in our lives as parents. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflys,  but we conquered the early stages of childhood as a team and we look forward to the next. (God help us…lol)

Okay, now onto the pictures! In honor of Kennedy’s first day of kindergarten I focused mainly on her. Porter had his time two years ago and he was more than willing (I am saying that sarcastically) to not be the focus of so many shots.

Kennedy’s favorite breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes!


Sweet siblings.







Look!! I’m in front of the camera! And of course it is out of focus but they all were. I guess I need to teach Knute how to properly work my camera.



All ready to learn.


Just another day in his mind, but not in mine.




We have a tradition in our family. Every first day of school and every last day of the school we take the kids out for milkshakes.  And we don’t even ask them to split one!


And this is Knute and I celebrating on a gorgeous hike.  I’m all about the small pleasures in life. (Love having an iPhone.)

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