Kelso Family | Leo Carrillo Photography

Hello everyone.  I am happy to blog again.  Since most of the work I do throughout the year involves commercial work I don’t get to post family sessions very much.  And now that we are at the beginning of the holiday rush I am happy to say that I will be blogging more consistantly up until Christmas.  

So let’s kick things of with the beautiful Kelso family.  I met Suzanne through a good friend of mine (Hi Gail!) during our Joshua Tree Backpacking Trip.  I was mesmerized by not only her beauty, but also her lifestyle and her inner peace.  I kind of wanted to go home with her so she could show me her way of living including her knack for bees, yes her heard me correctly.  Her lifestyle is simple but full.  Isn’t that how it should be?   

Suzanne has the internal being of an angel, her husband is charming, and her kids are cute and grounded.  And anyone who knows this family understands what I am saying here.   Our session was successful because Suzanne took the time to coordinate outfits, selected  Leo Carrillo State Park as our backdrop (Check out Danner | Leo Carrillo State Park.) and came with a fun and lighthearted attitude.  When you have all these elements aligned this is what you get. 


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