Life Beyond Auto | Winter Edition 2014

lbalogoAs I prepared for this run of my Life Beyond Auto Workshop, I couldn’t help but remember when manual mode was so overwhelming when I was just beginning. It was a mystery to get the three elements of the exposure triangle (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) all inline together to produce that perfect image. Concepts were foreign and terminology was intimidating and I honestly thought I would never get it.  But with practice and consistency I did, and I am thankful to be able to share that knowledge with those who want to get pass auto. 

I was sensitive to the fact that attendees who were coming into the workshop were just like me so I needed to make the exercises fun and interesting. I wanted the information to be easy to understand and the practice lessons to be hands on.  I never want anyone to leave my workshop without the tools necessary to get that perfect shot. And with the feed back I relieved, I was able to deliver just that.

Dana, Mary, Vevalee, and Lari were extremely enthusiastic and were thirsty to learn. It was a really great day and I am so happy how it turned out. Being the second run of the workshop I was able to really see what was working and what wasn’t. Here is a list of what was great and what I will be adjusting to make it even better:

What worked out well:

– Although I will be reorganizing the layout, I believe the 45 page workbook is packed with basic information that goes beyond shooting in manual. I also discuss lighting conditions, metering modes, basic composition, and much more. So much packed in this tiny workbook.
– Along with me, the attendees were able to participate in actual shooting lessons to get hands on instruction.
– This workshop included a live model so each participant could use their knowledge of what they learned. Students practice manual mode with me right next to them. Great tool!
– My Imac connected to our 53 inch HDTV so attendees could follow and visually see of explanations and examples.
– Private Facebook Group. Attendees can utilize this page to ask more questions as time goes on after the workshop. This allows for students to post work for troubleshooting and critique. Valuable tool.
– Headshots of each attendee. Everyone needs a good headshot.
– Lunch…need I say more.

What I am changing or adding:

-The workshop was originally five hours.  The next workshop will be around six and a half hours. Just so much information in only five hours.
-I will suggested attendees to purchase the  Canon 50 1.8/Nikon 50 1.8.  Not mandatory, but highly recommended. This lens retails for around $100 and will change any beginner’s shooting knowledge.  Kit lenses just don’t have a wide enough aperture for students to really see a difference in their shooting.

The next run of Life Beyond Auto will be on an as need basis. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact me at


Now without further ado, here are my attendies from the Life Beyond Auto Workshop/Winter Edition 2014:









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