Life Beyond Auto Workshop (Winter) | San Diego County Family Photographer


I understand learning manual mode is quite intimidating and scary, and it all seems so scattered brained and hard to understand. I used to be one of those people. With the knowledge I gained through workshop experiences, I am at the place I am today in my photography journey.

It is unfortunate to bypass the desire to take better pictures because of the intimidation of shooting in manual mode. You think the concepts are way over your head. You invest a lot of money in your camera hoping for better picture taking, but you realized that shooting in auto mode gives you the quality you didn’t expect. DSRL cameras are designed to shoot in manual mode. In “Life Beyond Auto” I will teach you the basic concepts of a properly exposed image as well as some compositional rules of pictures taking. With this combined knowledge you can finally capture the images you always wanted. You will be so proud of yourself with this newly acquired information that will unlock you potential as a photographer.

The desire to teach a basic introduction photography workshop came after a trip to Costoc. My husband said to me as we were looking at the DSRL cameras, “Look at all these cameras that people are going to buy and do you think they really ever learn how to use them”? With a little asking around and some research, it seems the majority of DSRL owners have no idea of the possibilities of their cameras and how to get beyond that little green box. People want to learn how to take better images and need a entry level workshop to show them the basic operation of a DSLR camera. I want to teach you how to get off of auto and into manual mode to achieve a properly exposed image. In my workshop I am including how to operate other functions including metering, how to clean and hold a DSLR camera, understanding lenses, basic composition, and even the best way to cull through images, delete, print, and store digital files. I desire participants to understand that you don’t have to be a professional to capture beautiful imaginary. I want attendees to get back the feeling of pictures that has been lost in the age of digital cameras. This is such a wonderful and rewarding knowledge to understand and to share.

This workshop is geared towards beginners, who have DSLR cameras, and who want to learn how to shoot in manual mode. Since photography isn’t JUST about your camera, I will also teach you some basic compositional rules to look for when setting up your frame. This course will give you a better understanding on what your camera can deliver. Class size is limited because I want to be able to provide a hands on experience to each of the participants. Stay tuned, and I look forward to teaching how “Life Beyond Auto” can change the way you capture those precious memories.


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