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Apple Pie

It is no secret; I am a foodie. One day I would love to operate my very own food blog to showcase tried and true recipes with my budding photography skills. Yes, I love taking photos but I love to cook, bake, and all that comes with it just as much. I love sharing recipes, tips, and everything in between. I stay up way too late reading food blogs and scouring Pinterest to see what my next meal is going to be. So you get it; I love food just as much as snapping pictures, however, just like photography there are quite a few things that I still need to conquer. Number one on my list…pie crust. I have wasted time and energy, not to mention ingredients, on trying to perfect the most wonderful pie crust. I am happy to report that I can finally scratch pie crust off my list. (I think!)

If you live in San Diego and have never had an apple pie from Mom’s Pies you must at least try a slice at some point in your life. It is the only place, I mean the ONLY place that I will wait in a long line for a piece of anything. Why, because it is worth it a hundred times over again. They currently have two locations Wynola, California and Julian, California. The drive to Julian is beautiful and scenic. You almost forget that you are in San Diego County. At over 4,000 feet in elevation you can experience the four seasons. The best season and busiest time of the year for this little town is fall. And what goes hand and hand with fall? Apple picking! At least I think so, and there are many local orchards that offer you to come and pick your own.

So back to the pies. After checking Mom’s website for their pie menu, I can across an ad for their pie making class. For $40, you can make you very own apple pie, with step-by-step instruction from MOM herself, Anita. Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. I snatched up my sister-in-law and drove up to the mountain town, and Rita taught us the proper technique to produce the grandest, flakiest, oh-so-yummy crust. I was hoping I didn’t have to cut into my creation, and I was heartbroken when I finally gave in and served my husband a piece. Rita is a kind, warm and inviting just like…mom.

And the woman that started it all…Anita.

Their classes are held on an as need basis. They can teach you how to make a cherry pie or an apple pie. The class size is one to eight participants. To find more information visit Mom’s Pies. You will be thrilled with this experience.

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