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Brrr…this was absolutely the coldest session to date! But this group prevailed in battling the crisp weather to take advantage of the fall foliage in the Laguna Mountains.  Shooting in the extreme (at least for me) was worth the frozen fingers, fridged toes, and red noses to get the shots we needed.  My goal is to exceed client expectations so when Emily had concerns about the weather I told her to dress warm and bundle up, we are going to have an incredible session together.  I will lay in mud, balance on the smallest rock, and climb trees to get the shot! I have been known to do all of the above with grace…and sometimes not.  This is why you will find me in yoga pants when I shoot your session. Jeans just don’t allow me to stretch and bend in inhuman ways! 

I am a people person through and through. I want clients to be comfortable with me and my camera so their real personalities will shine.  To have a successful shoot, it is extremely beneficial to get to know the family on a more intimate level. So when I speak to a client for the first time I let the connection happen naturally. Sometimes it is instant and sometimes it takes a few conversations, and after the session is all completed I can honestly say I had good experiences with some great people.  The Rangel family was no exclusion! There was no fronts, fake smiles, or forced laughs…just realness.  Their true love for each other shined, and the passion David and Emily have has made my heart sing. The kids braved the cold and with a few sniffles, and trying to beat the sun, I captured what I needed.  Just like pasts sessions, when I do the final blog post, I am closing the “book” on our time together and in a way I feel somber.  I enjoy my clients so much that I miss them in a way. I feel so connected to each of my clients and only wish them well until we meet again. 



Emily and David needed no direction. They just dove in and gave me PASSION! 


I love being able to incorporate real interactions. I am seeing this flow more and more at sessions. 



 Love this.


 This is one of my favorite portraits ever. Just so raw and candid. 

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