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As many of you know I am married to a firefighter.  And as much as firemen are lovable, personable, and courageous, it does come at a price.  A price that sometimes is unimaginable for many and real enough for some.  It is no secret that firemen save lives, for they are there to hear and respond to those calls for help.  But after the job is done, and the reality sets in, there is sometimes many sleepless nights and stressful days follow.  As macho as we want to believe these first responders are, the truth is that they are people who fight the stress and emotional backlash from calls they just can’t get out their heads.  

As the event on 9/11 have been forever burned into our memories, I can’t but help think that my husband, along with his colleagues, would be the first people in those burning towers to save people.  (It brings goosebumps and tears to me, because as those of you in the fire service know this is very true.)  That is just what they do…put everyone’s life ahead of theirs.  That is why being a firefighter is so admirable.  That is why we love them.

On September 5, 2015 an incredible event is happening.  My family, our Rancho Santa Fe Firefighter family, along with many others will be hiking up 110 flights of stairs to reach a common goal, to raise money for FirefighterAid and other wonderful charities who help these men and women who save us.  You can read more about the charities HERE.  


This is an excerpt from San Diego Stair Climb website.  


Each year, approximately 100 firefighters die while serving their communities. Many more die from cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, stroke, and other injuries and illnesses suffered as a result of their service.
But we can work together to honor these sacrifices and care for the firefighters who assume these risks and the families who share them.
Join this living memorial on September 5th, 2015 at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront for the 14th anniversary commemoration of 9/11. Firefighters, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Civilians will join together in a spirit of remembrance and courage to honor the memories of those lost 14 years ago.
Teams of Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military and civilians will climb 110 floors the same number as in the twin towers- and each will climb in the name of a fallen Emergency Responder whose life was lost on that day.
We will climb in the memory, and honor of the 343 FDNY Brothers, 23 NYPD Brothers and Sisters, and 37 Port Authority Brothers and Sisters, and to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by firefighters everywhere.
Funds raised will benefit FirefighterAid (formerly the San Diego Firefighters’ Benevolent Fund,) the 501(c)(3) charity which cares for Firefighters and families through sickness, distress, and death.”


If you have been wanting professional headshot taken, this is the time to do it! From August 3 through August 13, 2015 I will be donating 100% of all money raised to the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Local 4349.  I am happy to take something I love and turn it into something good.  Please consider either donating or booking a session. 

I look forward to showing all of you some images from the event.  Stay tuned! 


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