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We did it!!! Porter’s first year of kindergarten in down, done, and over with. And while I am happy that we can finally sleep in, have late nights, and go through endless cans of sunscreen, I can’t help but feel sad how quickly this year has gone. I find myself saying that every year and I wonder how I can avoid this feeling of closure of yet another milestone. I don’t want to say “Wow, this year has gone so fast”, I want to replace it with “What a fantastic year and I look forward to first grade.” Well, that’s not working out so well because I don’t want my baby growing up anymore. I want him to rely on me to make his breakfast, tie his shoes, AND read him stories. I just don’t want him to grow up, at least not this fast.

Porter had many successes including reading, writing sentences, understanding math, and knowing more about our solar system than me. I can’t help but think about his teacher, Ms. Reed, who made this year a little easier. Knowing such a kind gentle soul would look after him made our separation this year a little easier. I have come to have a whole new respect for teachers and bow down to every single one of them who have to jump through so many hoops to teach our children.

Two months of summer are upon us and my fingers are sore from the sixty waters balloons I just filled up. I wish all moms out there a joyful summer filled with many fun times to keep us reminiscencesing through the next school year. And while summer break has a new meaning to our family, I am hoping for nonstop laughter, adventures, and many photographs to show that we didn’t waste anytime in making memories.

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