Wilson | Candid Family Photographer

When I do sessions, I get a glimpse into the lives of other families, and what I see and experience I take home with me. I left the Wilson home with the biggest smile on my face. This family is whole, complete, fun, and charming.

It is amazing how different each family is, but one thing we all have in common is how much we love being with each other. After leaving Martha, Tim, and the kids I went home and my husband asked how it went and I told him, “that family has a lot of love”. It was infectious and pure and I look at their images and you can certainly see it. Laughing smiling, goofing off, so fun for me to snap those moments that my clients truly appreciate.

I have to point out Martha’s garden. For years I have been blaming our high desert climate on why I can’t grow anything, well, umm, I was proven wrong and I have come to terms that I don’t have a green thumb..”sigh”.

Sometimes I feel I have the greatest job in the world, giving someone complete happiness just by looking at an image. It is such a great feeling, not only as a photographer but also a mom.


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