Workman | East County Family Portrait Photographer

As we drove up to the meadow where I shot this session and saw the condition this once breathtaking landscape once was, I gasped in horror. Only three days before, the same meadow was a lush vibrant green. I couldn’t believe how fast everything turned dry and yellow. That is Southern California for you. We do have some great beaches, but when it comes to natural habit plants die fast and only show their lively colors for a very short time. (Something I am still not used to after living in California for over ten years.) Even though the terrine was dead and brown, I envisioned a great shoot with a gorgeous outcome. I was able to find a few patches of green, and even though I am still picking out the stickers from the blanket that was used, we pulled it off and the Workman family shined in their images. 

Let’s talk about outfits for a second. I can not express this enough, outfit choices are very important when it comes costume portraiture. Choosing what to wear is nerve wrecking for some, but it doesn’t have to be.  As I come into my own style of photography, I notice I tend to lean toward neutral colors. The colors and patterns chosen can make or brake a photo. The outfit choices Carisa picked for her and her family couldn’t have been more perfect. My locations are “earthy” with minimum clutter and I would like the same in regards to what clients wear. Neutrals colors work best when picking a color pallet. Tans, blues, and ivories are colors I recommend. I am not against clients wearing bright colors, especially if it is a color that they feel suits them well, but I am finding that my style of photography works best when clients choose natural colors to be photographed in. I like to think that my photography is organic and modern so I like the viewer to look at the subjects first and their outfits second.

Carisa had seen my work and hired me to update her family portraits. I surly didn’t want to disappoint her. I shot her daughter Briena’s senior pictures before and after their family session. You can view her session HERE. As we get lost in the digital photography error, by the over abundance of digital imagery on our computers, we are loosing sight on this once annual tradition for many families. I try and educate people, not just clients, how important it is to regain the value of a printed picture. Carisa understood the importance of family portraiture and I honored she chose me to capture what she loves most…her family.


One good looking mama!

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